Back to School

It’s so fun to be able to go into the kids’ school. Today, a beautiful Friday, I was able to walk up the hill to the younger kids’ school to volunteer in art class. It was fun to see the children drawing the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Tidal Basin, etc. They all were in good moods, and their baby chicks had hatched in the classroom. Soo cute!

Spring is coming on strong, and it’s just glorious. All the azaleas are in bloom in my neighborhood, and I’m hoping the okra Harlan and I planted is going to come up. There were some dicey freezes, though.

Last night we had Spring Celebration for our graduating seniors and MA students. It was a welcome return to an in-person event, and we enjoyed having alumni come speak, getting to congratulate the students in person, and giving out the departmental awards. Graduation is coming up soon, and the students are very excited. I love this time of year for them–although, it’s extremely busy for me!

Baseball and soccer are in full swing for the older kids. Harlan and Porter have a little basketball class they are going to, and it as if they are in a whole new world. They love having an activity for themselves! This week was busy, and the weekend promises to be extra busy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

I read a great book, True Biz, set in a school for the deaf. It went well with CODA, this year’s Oscar winner that we enjoyed watching with the older kids. And Gilbert is taking ASL this quarter, and so far, he really loves it!


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