Spring Skiing

We’ve been trying to decide if we are going to renew our ski passes, but then, we have a week like this one, and it’s a no-brainer. As of today, most of us have 23 days of skiing for the season. We plan to ski tomorrow and Sunday, bringing us to 25. Some of our best days have been this week. We’re at Copper Mountain, Colorado, staying in Frisco, in a two-bedroom condo. The condo is perfectly situated–walkable to downtown Frisco, and on the shuttle route to Copper.

We’ve been taking the shuttle, because, unbelievably, it’s been snowing every day! We get 2-4 inches, and the road is covered, and we’d just rather not drive the rental car if we can just as easily take a shuttle. The powder has been amazing, and there’s no lines on the mountain. We are frequently the only people visible on our runs. We are definitely spoiled.

Let’s see; Porter went off to ski with Seamus and Gilbert for a while and he felt like such a big kid. Gilbert leads the way down the mountain, picking up other people’s poles to return and watching for any and every jump he can make. Seamus seeks the big views and the double blacks, which sometimes means he heads out on his own. Harlan loves (and I mean loves) the glades. He doesn’t even mind if he falls or gets lost as long as he can keep exploring. Even I’m looking like a good skier because the powder makes it so much easier this time of year.

There’s been a lot of laughter, bonding, care-taking, and occasional bickering (we’re not saints). Overall, we are so glad we decided to make the trip out. And we still have some skiing with friends and a Rockies game to look forward too!


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