Harlan’s Birthday–6 years old

Harlan was pretty excited about his birthday–counting down the days. We had a really busy day on the actual day, but he requested quiche and cake and ice cream, so at least the food was easy and make ahead for the hectic evening. He also requested the “Daddy Pancake” for breakfast, which is a lemon dutch baby that Patrick makes particularly delicious.

Seamus had baseball practice almost immediately after jazz band, but fortunately, it was a really nice day, so Harlan and Porter played at the park with Porter’s friend who lives near the baseball field. It was glorious. Then, we raced home, ate some dinner and opened his present, and then headed out for the All Star basketball game to watch Seamus play. Harlan took his new toys with him, and was pleased to show them off to his buddy.

The rest of the week was busy and fun, with St. Patty’s day and then dinner with his local grandparents to celebrate his birthday. He had a little party in the park with his besties; I made Spiderman cupcakes, and ordered pizza. It was low-key, but lots of fun. Then we went to see P’Nokio, a hip-hop retelling of the story, which Harlan thought was great, but Porter was disgruntled by the musical nature of the show. We got to see inside the firehouse, and Harlan and Porter both got to sit in the fire truck’s driver seat. The other boys headed off to see the Harlem Globetrotters, and Harlan came to a fire pit at our friends’ house. He enjoyed having their trampoline to himself!

Sunday, he got to have another birthday celebration with another set of grandparents, and he was feeling pretty special! He enjoyed chatting and having another candle and us all singing to him. He asked us to sing a lot this birthday, and he couldn’t get enough of blowing out his candles. He’s six now! Such a big kid!


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