February and Beginning of March

I read that there’s a new news site that only write in bullet points and wants to encourage all other people to do so as well. That seems like we’d lose some fun of storytelling, but here goes.

  • Seamus lost the toenail on his big toe.
  • We did a visit at Lake Monticello.
  • Harlan had a nice time in the hot tub and on his nature walk.
  • County 4-H contest day was a success.
  • Seamus, Gilbert, and I went skiing at Whitetail with Jack and Emma.
  • It was cold, then it was hot.
  • Basketball season is over.
  • Seamus got picked for all-stars.
  • He had more points per minute than any other boy in the league.
  • Now we are in Maine.
  • We saw Gabe, and he showed us the back of an ambulance.
  • I hurt my wrist, but it seems to be healing.
  • Porter loves the Great British Baking Show.
  • Gilbert and Patrick made gingerbread cake.
  • All the kids have their own room at this AirBnB.
  • It’s still loud.
  • The Lincoln Highway was an interesting book.
  • We skied Sugarloaf mountain yesterday, in the tiny break between wind holds on the lifts and rain from the sky.
  • The best thing about their own rooms is individual good nights.
  • They want to go skiing in New Zealand or Chile for summer vacation.
  • I got my midterm grades finished on time.
  • Patrick has been working a lot; spring is when things pick up.
  • On the way back from skiing, S, G, & I passed through Hagerstown, and saw a lot of people on overpasses, waving to what we presumed were trucks, but we didn’t see many.

So, bullet storytelling is definitely limited, but there’s an update anyway.


1 comment

  1. *Not a fan of bullet point reporting
    *Now have more questions than answers
    *Icy, 70 degrees, icy again, 70 degrees again
    * Today I will make collage number 225
    * Bad news– Pirate died this week & I am very sad
    *Today is John’s birthday and I sang to him ” When I’m 64″. Yes, he’s that much younger than me.

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