Transition Days

It snowed! In Falls Church, but we weren’t there, so we missed it. That was fine, because it meant that while we are still in the West, the kids aren’t missing school. We skied one beautiful day at Arapahoe Basin, and it was a really fun mountain. We had considered skiing on our transition day (day we pack out of one place and into another), but the winds were so gusty and high that we decided to skip it.

Instead, we got the kids sweatshirts from Colorado, which they all wanted badly. We had lunch out, since all our food was packed up. We said goodbye to our cousins who were flying home yesterday. Finally, we had an early checkin for our place in Winter Park, so we drove a very switch-backing road up to the area. It’s beautiful, and Winter Park is huge! We got in around 3:00 and got out their bin of toys that had been in the car. Harlan and Porter played and played. Gilbert and Seamus settled in for a Cars marathon with lots of snacks. It was a fun, low-key day, and we are getting 8-15 inches of snow in the next 24 hours, so we are excited to get our there again, but hopefully we’ll figure out the shuttle so we don’t have to drive!

We head home on Friday, and I think most of us are ready to go home, even though there’s something thrilling about skiing, even after we’ve done it so long. There’s a lot of coziness here, and I’m glad we’re spending a few days just the six of us to decompress. I love Colorado, and at least two of the boys are thinking about coming out here for college.


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