Halloween and a Strange Week

Last week was weird. We lost a lot of momentum but are getting it back this week.

Halloween was a blast. The boys loved their costumes and trick-or-treating with friends. Because it wasn’t a school night, they were able to hang out later than normal. Seamus spent a good chunk of the evening with his bestie, and Gilbert watched a movie on the neighbor’s porch and ate god knows how much candy. Porter and Harlan happily examined and sorted their candy for an hour or so, and then went to bed before the bigger kids got home. I wore the purple m&m costume and Patrick wore the construction worker get up. It was a great night. We saw their Kindergarten teacher, preschool teacher, and lots of friends and neighbors on the rounds.

Monday was no school for parent-teacher conferences, which were fine–all virtual, and kind of a marathon. We had a nice afternoon with Patrick taking Porter and Gilbert to the high ropes course (a great activity for them to do together!), Harlan and I went on a play date with his friend, and Seamus went with Grandude to see the new James Bond movie.

Tuesday was election day, so I went to work, and the kids stayed home, again. Our friend won her school board election–yay! I celebrated with her at Clare and Don’s, where the who’s who of Falls Church was in full swing. We didn’t have a great state-wide result, but I’m sure we’ll come roaring back soon.

Wednesday was a long day for the kids (as opposed to short Wednesdays), so they were pretty wiped out when they got home. Thursday was yet another day off, for Diwali. Seamus, Gilbert, and I walked to the library, then spent some time hitting around at the tennis courts. Later in the afternoon, the Welcoming Falls Church group had a little celebration at Cherry Hill Park, so we went to check it out. It ended up being a ton of fun, with half the families we know showing up, and Harlan and Porter exhibiting so much delight in unexpectedly seeing their buddies at the playground. Seamus and Gilbert played pickle with a group of older kids, and moods were elated as we walked home.

Thank goodness Friday was a normal day with Patrick and me at work and the kids at school. We were all pretty tired Friday night from the strange week and the impending time change.

Saturday dawned beautifully, and we headed up to Takoma Park to visit with some close friends. It was a morning full of belly laughs and delicious food. Never a dull moment with six boys and four parents happy to see each other! We made it a quick visit, though, because we had gotten appointments for Gilbert, Porter, and Harlan to get their first dose of Covid vaccine at noon in Alexandria. What a place. We were so glad, obviously, but wow–tons of people lined up. Harlan was the most nervous, but he was a champ and we are super proud of him for not even making a peep with his shot. They were ready to party afterwards!

Porter and Gilbert both had a birthday parties to attend in the afternoon/evening, and Seamus and Harlan were happy to play Mario Party together at home. Patrick and I went out for one of the most hilarious evenings to date. We did a pub crawl around Falls Church with a group of our friends. I will never stop laughing about some of the things.

Sunday was back to the usual. Trumpet, Pancake day, kids playing in the yard, Patrick and I snuck off for a walk around McLean and lunch at Wok n Roll during pancake day. I made Indian food for dinner, and most of the kids ate something. We might finally be able to go out for Indian without facing a tantrum.

And, this week is almost normal! Except they don’t have school on Wednesday.


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