Back to School

Well, I took a long break from blogging after summer. I do have one more beach trip to report on, but it will have to wait. It was a fun one!

Today, I want to write about our back to school 2021. Seamus and Gilbert are in middle school, which is great for them. They get up early and seem to have so much more time in the afternoons than Porter and Harlan do, even though they only get home about half an hour earlier. They take the bus and then walk home with friends, sometimes together, sometimes separately. It occurs to me that I don’t always make it home in time for them to get home–but I do make it back for the younger kids’ bus.

Porter seems to enjoy school; he’s reading like a demon, and now he’s on to some “scary” books. He just gets lost in his books, which is so sweet and exactly my speed. He, Harlan, and I cleaned his room on Monday, when they were both home “sick” with sniffles and coughs (not Covid; as I had to have them tested before they could go back to school). The room looks fabulous, and they boys were so proud of themselves for organizing their toys. I was pleased too, because I don’t have to dodge the Lego gauntlet to get in and out of their room.

Porter said that his classmates are imbeciles, except for his two closest friends in the class. I think it’s a little rowdy, but he’s fine. Harlan lamented the fact that there are so many rules in Kindergarten. He then told me there are a lot of rules on the bus too. But he’s so happy to be in a big group, making new friends, and learning all about his school. He especially loves seeing Porter and Porter’s friends during the school day. Free lunch has been great, and the boys get to eat outside most days. I’m so glad we don’t have to pack and clean lunch containers.

Seamus has Algebra, and needs a graphing calculator. But hopefully he’ll use it a long time. Gilbert is in full year band, which seems to be going well for him. They each are playing baseball (on different teams) and playing soccer (on the same team). It’s busy at home, but everyone seems happy and joyful to be back in their routines.

I’m thrilled to be back in person with my students; the energy is palpable! Patrick is loving his work too. It’s nice to have some steadiness.


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