Gilbert’s Solo Trip

For Seamus’s 10th birthday, Patrick and I took him to NYC by himself, leaving the other kids at home with grandparents. We were sad that we couldn’t do the same for Gilbert, as we’d hoped it would be a tradition we could do for each of the kids. But we managed it before his 11th birthday! With Seamus at camp, we drove to Kentucky on Sunday, getting ready to go camping with some friends. Our hotel room was a bit small, so Porter and Harlan headed to my parents’ house to sleep.

Patrick and I looked around and found ourselves alone with Gilbert! We had tickets to a Bowling Green Hot Rods baseball game, so we took Gilbert, got him a hot dog, t-shirt, and ice cream. He declared it a great birthday! The next day, he got to eat breakfast at the hotel with us, go meet my parents’ new kittens, and head back to the hotel with us. We picked Seamus up from camp to get his second shot, and Gilbert and Seamus chatted it up. After we dropped Seamus back off, Gilbert chose Mellow Mushroom for dinner out. He liked watching a baseball game on the TV on the MM patio. Finally we headed back over to the hotel, where he had snacks and watched baseball some more. I went down to the pool with him and threw him the ball as he jumped into the pool. The next morning, another breakfast, and he declared himself ready for only-child-dom.

I’m really glad we got a chance to do this with Gilbert. All the kids enjoy some one-on-one time, but they so rarely get it. Now we have several years before Porter turns 10 and we have to figure it out all over again!


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