Seamus’s Birthday

The birthday has been fits and starts this year! At first, he didn’t really want to do anything for his birthday, but eventually decided walking for ice cream after school would be fun, and then he and his friends could come back here for pizza and wings and backyard fun. But, the day he was supposed to do that, he woke up with a killer sore throat. Covid test time. It was negative, and he felt better for his baseball game on Saturday, but then Gilbert’s throat was sore, so he missed the game.

Seamus went to lunch with his grandparents and enjoyed the outdoor dining at Liberty Barbecue. They picked up a cake at Whole Foods, and we had it in the yard. We had to cancel dinner that night with the other grandparents, because we didn’t want to take sick kids in their house (not Covid sick, just regular sick). He also had a nice long talk with his buddy who lives in Michigan and walked to 7-11 with some neighbors.

For his actual birthday, I picked up bagels and then drove him to school. We had ice cream and tostadas for dinner, and Patrick and I gave him a card and his present–Wingspan, the game. He seemed happy and was looking forward to his birthday with friends on Thursday.

Well, his friend’s brother went to the nurse at school, so their mom had to go pick all four kids up from school! I was fine with the 6th grader meeting Seamus and his other friend and continuing the plan, but the other family wasn’t, so we rescheduled his birthday with friends again. Seamus was super disappointed, and he says that he doesn’t really want to do it now. I’m pretty sure that’s just the disappointment speaking, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the other kid comes down with a sore throat this week. It is all over the place!

On balance, it was a good birthday for him; better than last year, for sure! It’s crazy that he’s 12 already! I guess, technically, his birthday isn’t finished, because we’re going to celebrate tonight, and Thursday, he gets to have his friends over.


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