Skiing Stowe

We skied Stowe, VT over the last week, and we had some of the best and wildest conditions of the season. On Sunday, we pushed slush down the mountain until the wind and rain picked up and everything went on wind hold. Monday, we skied the hardest packed powder I’ve ever seen. It snowed overnight into Monday. Then, Tuesday was sunny and gorgeous with a sheen of fresh powder on the mountain. Wednesday, I took the day off with Porter and Harlan. Thursday, it snowed all day, finally adding up to about 6-7 inches of fresh snow, making for a lot of fun on Thursday and Friday. Saturday was back to sunny and warm, so we busted out early to ski the best part of the day. It was super fun, and with 2000 vertical feet on the lifts, the runs were nice and long, much like Colorado.

Stowe itself was an adorable town, even though we stayed further out. We played games in the house with the cousins–Ticket to Ride, in which Gilbert’s off-beat strategy threw everyone for a loop; Quiddler, Monopoly, Exploding Kittens, and Life. It was a relaxing week before we super charge into the next part of the year–10 weeks of full time school for the kids, and 5 weeks to end the semester for me. Yikes. So fast.

I’m trying to stay on top of my reading, but there is a lot to do. Deacon King Kong is a bit slow-going, unfortunately. I also just finished the really interesting The Office of Historical Corrections, but I spent the first few chapters really confused, because I realized I had the covers/stories switched with Infinite Country, which is about a Colombian family saga. That’s not what the other book is about at all.


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