Back to School

Thank goodness the kids are back in school part time. It was huge for their moods and happiness this week. We, having had a break from kid activity, were able to focus on some of the work they’ve been missing and help them productively. We also had energy for a family bike ride, and Patrick took a couple of rides with Harlan. It’s funny, with a little time apart from our kids, we had a lot more energy and mental space to be better parents. I actually don’t think it’s that funny. It just seems obvious to me that time and space to accomplish some tasks means that you can focus on one task a time and then do a better job with them all.

Seamus goes two full days a week. Gilbert and Porter go four half days a week. Harlan still goes his regular schedule of five days 9:30-1:00. Seamus and Gilbert had good weather for walking, which is how they prefer to get to school. I think Jazz band starts after school this week for Seamus. Porter came home with Valentines that had been quarantined for a week on Friday. He was pretty excited.

In other news, we have gotten a permit to float the Smith River in Montana for four nights over the summer. It is going to be quite an adventure. We will have to bring all our gear and camp along the river. I think we’re going to watch A River Runs Through It soon to get all psyched up. I am getting excited for summer, but I am very much fine to just relax here while they go to school and enjoy some normal times.


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