Some Updates. None earth shattering

We’ve continued to ski almost every weekend. So far, we’re at 24 days for the season. Getting our money’s worth out of our season passes, for sure. The semester is going along really fast. This is week 5 of the 16 week semester, and a colleague mentioned the other day that she only had 11 more weeks of a particular schedule, and I just about couldn’t believe it. Where does the time go? On the other hand, it’s an awesome semester. I’m loving the classes I’m teaching, and they seem to be going really well. I guess I’m getting the hang of online/hybrid classes. The answer is only teach what you are extremely comfortable with. Don’t get fancy.

Ok. You didn’t come here to hear about my teaching.

  • Porter has an imaginary friend named Jo. Jo has a seat in the car and sometimes at the table. Jo is very important to Porter and has a lot of opinions. The other kids think this is hilarious and often ask Porter what Jo thinks about particular things. I haven’t had a chance to explore it all the way, but it’s funny that he has access to this new buddy.
  • Gilbert finished his PJ pants for 4-H sewing, and they turned out great! He managed to get all the cats on the pants facing upright. Seamus is still working on his, but he’s set to be done tomorrow, and his are a beautiful color pattern. I love that they are working on these projects, even if it does mean some work for me to supervise. They also did a cooking meeting with 4H recently, and made a cheese sauce and mac ‘n’ cheese. They all four gobbled it up, even though they thought it wasn’t as good as box mac ‘n’ cheese.
  • Seamus has been working on a variety of school projects and perfecting his skiing. He hasn’t had much to say lately, so I guess I’ll give him a pass on the update.
  • Gilbert has been snowboarding. He was begging to try, so we finally got him a board rental for the season, and he is just estatic. He’s been practicing a lot and can get down any East Coast blue you throw at him. We are headed West again soon, but we don’t have a snowboard bag, so he’s going to have to ski. He’s not upset about skiing again, but he says he just loves snowboarding more. It makes me a little sad, because I love to watch him ski. He’s just so good at zipping his legs together through his turns.
  • Porter really wanted to try the J bar the last time we were at Roundtop mountain. It’s pretty short and only goes to the small terrain park, but he was adamant about trying it. We were surprised that he was good at it, but only for a second. That kid is fearless and thinks he’s amazing.
  • Then, of course, Harlan wanted to try the J bar. He grabbed for it, slipped off, and ended up in the weirdest mix of skis and boots and knees I’ve ever seen. We took it as proof he wasn’t big enough yet. He took it as proof that his mittens were deficient. We didn’t let him try again, though, because it was crowded, and honestly, the J bar is boring. It’s a great place for the kids if the parents are on the patio having aprés ski, but other than that, it’s a place to stand around getting cold.
  • I’ve been reading, working, and skiing. That’s pretty much it. I finished A Children’s Bible and thought it was great. I also really enjoyed Writers & Lovers. My book clubs are super active right now, so I’m on a roll of trying to keep up!
  • Cooking is so boring right now. Beans, pasta, spinach, on repeat. Ugh. I need new ideas.

Like many of you, I’m just waiting waiting waiting for this miserable season in our lives to pass. However, I’m also trying to find the joy in spending time with the kids in a way we couldn’t if they and I had in-person school full time. It’s nice, but there are days we are all so sick of each other we can’t stand it. And there are other days when they accomplish new goals, read something new, cook something, help without being asked, and it’s great. I said early on, “I never intended to spend so much time with my kids.” And I still maintain that, but I’m glad they’re my companions in our family adventure, even if sometimes I want them to all sit very far back in the van and not talk to me. I hope you’re doing well.


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