Skiing Again

We did a long weekend of skiing in New Hampshire. It totally rained us out the first day, but we kind of messed around and let the kids play video games, and it wasn’t so bad. The snow did manage to do a number on the mountain, so that made for good skiing the next day. We skied Mount Sunapee two days, with our friend Gabe coming over from Maine to join us on the slopes. Another day, we skied Crotched Mountain, and Porter loved it so much he got in a snit about going back to Sunapee the next day, but we did not let that daunt us–Sunapee has terrific terrain! From the top of Mount Sunapee, the views were amazing–two or three other ski areas in view, Lake Sunapee frozen over, and some people ice fishing (!) on it. Gabe used to run ski patrol at another New Hampshire resort, so he shot the breeze with some folks and they all knew the same people. Small world, for him! He was on a snowboard, and Seamus and Gilbert are just itching to try snowboarding! Porter and Harlan needed a hot cocoa break, so I took them to the stand and to the bathroom, but predictably, right about the time they were ready to go back out, everyone else was ready for lunch!

Seamus feels like he gets the short end of the stick a lot, and to be fair, he often does. So I was particularly hopeful when I went in to get lunch, and came out with a clam chowder, veggie chili, hot dog, and some other sundries, that Seamus would find something he wanted. Harlan immediately claimed the clam chowder, and Seamus asked for some too, so I went back into the cafeteria (we were eating at picnic tables outside), and got the very last bowl of clam chowder they had. The guy yelled back to the kitchen–“Do we have more clam chowder?” and the other guy yelled back, “No! It’s been on back order!” Whew! In other news, the veggie chili was the best ever (but maybe that’s the outdoor mountain talking!).

Seamus and Gilbert are working on their 4-H projects. We got material for PJ pants, and they are excited to get started on those. They also wrote their speeches, and Seamus’s is about skiing and Gilbert’s is about multiplayer video games. So there’s that. We also have a yeti in our yard, at Porter’s behest. Harlan is loving school–they did words with the letter “E” and Harlan said, “EASY!”

In some ways, I feel guilty for having a good time, but then I don’t. It’s been miserable at home, with cold, blustery, rainy weather, and we get away as a family to spend time together, or if someone joins us, we stay outside, masked up, and delight in seeing someone we haven’t seen in ages. It’s helping us get through this long winter!


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