December–Already!?! Holiday Grumps

Well. One thing that’s cute this year is that Harlan is really into asking questions about Santa and the Elves, and Porter likes to pontificate with all the answers. Gilbert and Seamus occasionally participate, but they get the evil eye enough (for laying it on too thick or rolling their eyes) that they mostly stay out of the discussion. There must be a lot of holiday talk in Porter’s class, because somebody got Matchbox cars in their shoes, and Porter thought that was so cool. He wants to celebrate Hannukah and get presents. He wants to know if Santa is coming tonight. It is hilarious. Harlan is fully on board with whatever Porter suggests. Harlan is also pretty mad at me that we don’t have the tree up yet.

But. It’s such a mess in the house with all of us here all the time, and only a few of us capable of putting our things away. (I’m not always counting myself among them, as I look over and see my library books, slippers, and purse in the same space that there are legos, pillows, a backpack, Peppa Pig doll, and older kid jackets, and a bag of donation items to go out. Why do I want to get down more stuff from the attic? But they are adamant, and I want to make them happy, so I’ll do it. Maybe today.

I did end up cooking a lot on Saturday. I made Cranberry Orange Scones (which turned out amazing, even though I thought grating the butter was a step too far, but I did it anyway, and that was excellent), Marbled Pumpkin Cheesecake tart (so good, but overfilled the pan a bit, so not as marbled as I would have liked), chocolate chip pretzel brioche (which was fun and interesting, as I’ve never tried brioche before–stretchy dough!), French Onion Soup (delicious, and the boys ate it, sort of), and Cheddar Dill Swirl Rolls (and these are my new favorite food, and I ate them for breakfast twice and still want more). So it was a cooking success day. Lots of good smells and comfy, rich carbs.

I also got The Secret Lives of Church Ladies from the library. It’s short, and I’m in the middle of Their Eyes Were Watching God for one book club and Transcendent Kingdom for another book club, and I’d gotten a quickie loan of The Vanishing Half from the library on my Kindle, so I’m steeped in readings by Black women. All so interesting and thought-provoking. Anyway, I blew through The Vanishing Half, with good references to Passing by Nella Larson and yesterday, I though, “Oh, I’ll just read a story or two from Secret Lives” and the next thing you know it was three hours later, and I’d read them all. Did I mention it is short and also great!


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