Back to School

Today, Porter and Gilbert went back to school. I don’t know how it went, because they will get home in just a few minutes, but I’m at work waiting to pick up Harlan from his school. I can tell you, though, that I was nearly overcome with emotion, and I almost didn’t believe they’d really go back until Porter got on that bus this morning. Gilbert walked to school. Porter was so happy to be going back. He’d been looking forward to it for weeks, and over the weekend, he asked for a special breakfast for going back. I made French toast for them this morning, but he likes it best when we cut the bread into sticks and serve with a little bowl of syrup for dipping.

Patrick and Gilbert went to Staples yesterday to do belated school supply shopping. We weren’t too keen on getting the supplies if they weren’t going to need the stuff! Big backpacks today for Porter and Gilbert!

Over the weekend, we worked devotedly on Seamus and Gilbert’s room. Seamus has virtual school until at least mid January, and it was sad to see him sitting in his bed the whole time. We got rid of Gilbert’s old, broken dresser and set the boys up with two desks (one we already had), a new dresser for G, and two bookshelves that go almost to the ceiling. It really does look like a functional dorm room now. They both love having individual space for working and keeping their stuff, but their favorite things are their new spinning, rolling, height-adjustable chairs! It’s so refreshing to see them able to work in their space.

I don’t know what the next few months are going to bring, but I hope the kids can stay in school and that we can all come of of this on the other side.


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