October, Really?!

I can’t believe it’s so close to Halloween already. Trick-or-treating is a big up in the air question mark, but I think the neighborhood consensus is starting to converge around leave a bowl of candy at the end of your driveway, set up a chair in the yard, and watch the kids walk by with their own families (and not big neighborhood gangs). Everyone wears a mask.

Harlan wants to be Luke Skywalker. We had a costume in that vein for Gilbert several years ago, but because I made it from odds and ends, we don’t really have it anymore. I’ll have to dig out some pictures. Porter wants be be “boy with sword–AKA ARMY MAN” and say it in a great big voice. I’m not really sure what he envisions. Gilbert wants to be “a baseball player” and Seamus wants to be the coronovirus. I’m trying to talk him out of it because I’m not sure that it’s funny or creative. He says, “but it’s scary” and I don’t disagree, but also, who really needs that walking around the neighborhood?

Rodham ended up being a great book, really making me think about narcissism in politics and inevitability of toxic masculinity in the face of women’s leadership.

It’s definitely fire weather! We’ve had a lot of fires lately, including one for my book club where we all sat around and enjoyed ourselves and talked about the book in person. The kids love fires and s’mores. I’m not sure how many of those they had last night because the adults were on the deck, and the kids were below pigging out.

I’m working today, finally a little bit caught up on grading and classes. Not totally, but enough to put in midterm grades. And, like that it will be Thanksgiving and Christmas. Porter and Gilbert are supposed to return to in person schooling on November 17th. I’m so hopeful.


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