Longing to Read

For the last few weeks, I’ve mostly been reading for work, but because I pick books for my students that I also enjoy reading, it hasn’t been bad to read them. However, I also have a ton of books I want to read!

The other part of this is the relentlessly horrifying news cycle in which I’m simultaneously disgusted and riveted. I’ve lived long enough now to know it won’t be “over” after the election, but some of the tension that has built might dissipate. Or not, if the worst happens. The limbo of Bush v Gore was surely a pale comparison to a refusal to relinquish power. I have my Biden aviator shirt though, and my Kamala tee, and my early voting, so I have some hope. I saw a tweet today that said, “If we elect Biden, we can read at night again, instead of doom-scrolling Twitter.” It seemed apt, and I do long to read.

Porter also longs to read. He’s been doing a great job reading to me at night. He loves the Little Critter books, especially “Just Go to Bed” and “All by Myself.” Those are cute, with good illustrations to help him guess the words by context. Harlan also longs to read, and invited me to listen to him read Star Wars: 5 minute stories. Gilbert and Seamus are doing a better job of reading music (does that count?). Seamus made the Jazz Band cut, and Gilbert has restarted his trumpet lessons.

I have Curtis Sittenfeld’s book Rodham, which imagines if Hillary hadn’t married Bill. It looks so good, and I love her writing. I also have from the library: Hood Feminism by Mikki Kendall, Hamilton by Ron Chernow, The Pull of the Stars by Emma Donoghue, The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin, and I am Not Your Negro by James Baldwin and Raul Peck. The last one is for work. I doubt I’ll get to all of them in the next three-ish weeks, but I feel rich right now! I also got Mira Jacob’s book The Sleepwalkers Guide to Dancing, but I didn’t realize how long it is. I’m still excited to read it though, and I bought it, so I have time. In the meantime, I have Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson and some other stuff to read for work. As I said, I’m rich in great stories and books right now.

I assigned one of my classes some weird short stories (Seamus, who made the copies for me, was not impressed at the selection) for their podcast projects. But these stories are so good! I often think I’d do okay without novels if I had plenty of short stories to read. But then I think, nah, I love the feeling of a great novel. What are you reading these days?


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