Gilbert’s 10th Birthday

Gilbert’s birthday was before Labor Day weekend this year. It was important to us to generate some enthusiasm for his birthday. We couldn’t take him on a solo trip like Seamus got to NYC for his 10th birthday, so we settled for a socially distanced movie party. We invited four of his friends over, set up the outdoor projector and screen, and let the kids watch the new Mulan. It was pretty cute. Gilbert had cupcakes and chips to pass out to his friends, and they had a cooler of drinks set out, with Gatorade, seltzer, and juice boxes. It was kind of funny to watch them go to the cooler for another drink, just like little adults.

He had a baseball game on his birthday, but it got rained out, which was a bummer. However, he also enjoyed a dinner out with grandparents and a trip down to swim at the lake. I made a cake for him, and he colored the icing. Overall, it was a fun birthday and he felt well-treated. His ax was a big hit. Hah.

It’s not minty. Happy birthday to Gilbert!

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