Problems with the blog

Well, it seems like some posts aren’t appearing when I write them and others are using huge picture files when I’d like the pictures to be smaller, and honestly, I’m too exhausted to figure it out, but I still like the blog, and I want to write more.

I actually do have some things to blog about, but I’m not going to do that here because I don’t want the post to screw up, so I’ll just share a few things.

Porter did a funny prank on us the other day. Harlan kept getting out of bed and we were pretty fed up with him. Next thing you know, Porter comes to tell us Harlan is out of bed. I go in very irritated, and see a lump on the floor with Harlan’s Lion King blanket on top. I said, “Get in your bed. It is time for sleep.” And I looked at the bed…where Harlan was hiding behind his dresser. I picked up the blanket. So many stuffies under it! They both could not stop laughing. Porter said, “Was that a good prank?” I said, “Yes, but it’s only funny one time.” I was laughing so hard.

Online school is going fine for the kids. Harlan loves CD books that ask you to turn the page as he reads along. He’s actually settling down during the day. When I leave for work, he does require a very specific time that I will be back, but then he’s happy for me to go (usually).

Seamus and Gilbert switched up their chores and have been learning the other’s chores. They both want to switch back, but neither will. Seamus has been having a lot of 4H planning meetings. It’s been interesting to see him work into this leadership role.

Now, let’s hope this blog will publish.


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