EDIT: I originally wrote this July 27, but somehow didn’t manage to hit publish. I’m putting it here now, without editing. And it’s weird, because there were comments on the post, but it’s not showing on the blog. I don’t know…

I’m starting to work on my syallbi for the fall. It’s challenging because I’m not really sure how many students will want to be in class at any given time. I also don’t know how many will be allowed and how I will be able to Zoom with some in class and some on Zoom. Will they be able to hear each other? It’s very daunting, but I’m making progress, and that’s good. I have a partnership with my colleague in Texas for our students to be pen pals with each other. I’ve selected texts for class. Things are moving along.

The older boys’ school has now moved from a hybrid plan of two days a week to remote only learning for the first nine weeks. Honestly, I can’t imagine them going back until January, so that’s that, I suppose. Harlan’s community center preschool is still a go, so I’m thrilled. If Harlan can go somewhere to work on preschool stuff, it will make it much easier for the rest of us to get our work done. I realized if five of us need to work on computers, we simply don’t have enough rooms in the house for each person to have a room that’s not occupied by someone else. I’ll need to be in my office some, and probably need to take one of the kids with me, so that there’s enough space in the house for everyone to work.

There’s also the possibility that there will be a secondary run on stores and supplies. We’re pretty good on toilet paper, but we will need another order of beans and spices. The CSA has been a godsend in terms of having food at our disposal without needing to shop.

We had to tell the kids on Saturday that they weren’t going back for awhile. That was a blow for all of them. We have to exchange their school laptops and plan for learning. The whole pod phenomenon is discouraging. There’s the girls we hang out with some, and there’s a friend they’ve been having “PE” with since March, that they can do stuff with, but we have too many kids for pods to make any sense. Patrick is going to be teaching and I’m teaching, and we’re just going to have to not go crazy.

Well now I’m having some thoughts.


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  1. “We’ll have to not go crazy.” Easier said than done. I think I have been handling things pretty well. I certainly don’t have nearly as many responsibilities as you or as many balls in the air; yet, there are times I am feeling overwhelmed and unbalanced. I got up and wandered around in the house before daylight today because I could not sleep for worrying about things I have no control over. However, I could not get myself to tackle things I do have some control over like the state of my house cleaning, or rather the state of my non house cleaning. I think I will make your phrase “don’t go crazy” my new motto

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