Life in Phase Three

We have been traveling and taking our vacation time. I feel somewhat guilty about traveling because the virus isn’t over, and people along the way don’t have a choice about working. We stay far away from others, using kayaks on the rivers/lakes/bays that we have access to. We have been to beaches and spend a lot of time wandering around town.

Love Virginia

Our trip to Chincoteague was great. We paddled the kayaks around the marshes and saw the ponies which was one of the highlights of my life. The beach was glorious–almost too much so, because we stayed so long and all got sunburned.

Just before he broke the board on a wave.

See how pretty?

Whitewater forever!

We kayaked the James River for some Class I and Class II rapids. It was a blast. We did get stuck on rocks a couple of times, but we managed. We packed a picnic and ate it in our boats.

Swimming in watering holes.

We took a hike and said goodbye (but we didn’t know it) to our really good friends. This puppy, Penny, easily became each kids’ obsession. They found a creepy house in the woods and played a long time, swimming in the river. It was bittersweet to see them go.

Stand up Paddleboarding

We swim where we can get it this year: beaches, bays, pools, rivers, streams, and the lake. Here are Porter, Gilbert, and Patrick practicing their stand up paddle boarding. Good times.


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