Just a Few Things

I’m done with the semester! I’m not done with work, as I have some deadlines to get to, and I’m teaching a summer class, but at least I can put this semester to bed. Somewhat. I still have a few students with incompletes to take care of. However, things are a bit lighter.

Seamus had a Zoom birthday party with a friend today. They did an escape room and ate cake. Good times. It was especially fun since another friend who moved away was able to join virtually.

On Saturday, the older boys had 4H cooking, and they were making grain bowls. They were very engaged in the process, collecting herbs, cutting carrots, pickling onions, shredding lettuce, and making a vinaigrette. They actually ate what they made and declared it delicious. It was amazing. 2.5 hours of engaged cooking work over Zoom. I was able to make Yogurt Flatbreads while they worked on the grain bowls. Everything turned out great, and then the kids watched Sonic the Hedgehog and ate popcorn.

Minced Carrots.

Porter did a 300 piece puzzle, pretty much by himself. I’d put up a picture, but he was only wearing his underwear when he finished, so I don’t think it’s blog-appropriate. He was really proud of himself, though! We have a puzzle out pretty much every other week for the kids to work on. They also like building Legos, playing with their school house and house (Harlan), and playing Pokemon, Dominion, and Magic.

We delivered a load of wood to our friends the other day. That was fun because we have a lot and wanted to share. Sadly, Patrick and I went to the attic last week and Harlan heard us. He popped out of bed, and eagerly asked, “Are you getting down the family vacation stuff?” I was so heartbroken, because he wants to go on a vacation! We all do, kid.

He and I have been getting out for an almost daily walk. The other day, he actually fell asleep. He said, “While you and Cheryl were talking, my eyes just kept closing.” That was the night he was particularly wound up, because even if he needed a rest, it gave him a massive second wind.

Still pretty cute.

That’s it. I read Such a Fun Age on a friend’s recommendation, and it was great, but super tense! I also read Women Talking, and it was good. Really philosophical, but I enjoyed it. When I can settle down for some reading, it’s great. Sometimes that’s hard to do.



  1. I am really curious about how you can do an escape room when everybody is in a different room. But if that isn’t a metaphor for our current situation I don’t know what is. I am so puzzled with this, that I had second thoughts that maybe I read it wrong and scrolled back up to double check. I do not think Zoom will go away afterwards. I also thought about telling every kid I know to start their resume now because they are all learning all kinds of 21st century job skills this spring.

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