Food in The time Of Staying at Home

In the last few weeks, we cycled through a lot of our tried and true recipes, but part of the good thing was that we haven’t actually eaten that much pasta. Breakfast is cereal, porridge, pancakes, or this morning, for a special treat, we had croissants from Costco with a smear of Nutella that turned it into a delicious chocolate croissant. Patrick and I eat a lot of breakfast burritos. But, we didn’t get eggs this week from South Mountain, so we’re a little bummed, and not sure how we can make it through a week without eggs. Banana bread was devoured in about 30 minutes (and it was a double recipe!).

Lunch is mostly sandwiches, but we switch it up. PB & J was popular for the first week, but the kids are tired of that now. Meatball (fake meat) subs were a big hit one day; we’ve had a french toast sticks for lunch a couple of times. Quesadillas (or dillas, pronounce the L, as the boys say) are good. Mac n Cheese n Peas brought forward some complaints, but they ate it! Today was bagels with cream cheese for the kids, and tempeh salad (like chicken salad) for lunch for us.

I wrote about dinner in the last post. We’ve been doing a good job of balancing making food from the pantry, fridge, freezer, and fresh. We did run out of fresh fruit and veggies a few days ago, which spurred a trip to the store. But, most exciting for the kids was the wing-a-palooza we had last night. My parents sent us a Buffalo Wild Wings gift card for Harlan’s birthday. We discovered that BW3s offers BOGO wings on Tuesday night, so we ordered a bunch of them–flavored Mild, Honey BBQ, dry rub Buffalo, and The Original Buffalo. Seamus ate two of each, Porter had three Honey BBQ, Gilbert had Mild and dry rub Buffalo. Harlan had a chicken tender. I had MorningStar Vegan wings.

So Excited!

They were pretty excited about the novelty. Also, they were feeling so cooped up that three kids hopped in the car to just ride along to pick up curbside. We rounded out with salad for the adults and carrots and ranch for the kids.

Since we have loads of time and fresh lemons and limes on our hands, I decided to spend 25 minutes working on making a new cocktail. It’s a Pimmlet, which I found online, and you can google, but it’s lime, cucumber, mint, Pimm’s No. 1, and gin.

Pretty, no?

It was a good night. The kids ate their wings, I made them some popcorn, we watched Leap on Netflix, and everyone was ready for bed when it was time. Patrick and I watched some Wicked Tuna. Interesting show. I had no idea what tuna looked like, or how you catch them.

Pollen is an inch thick on the cars. So much sneezing. Not Covid-19.


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