Correction: Every day is the same, except when it’s not

Yesterday, the governor ordered a stay-at-home for the state. I think, technically, I could still go to work, but that seems suspect today. That’s going to be hard to teach my classes from home, but I guess I will figure something out. I’m totally moving into my office when all this is over. I love my office. Surrounded by books, resources for teaching, a nice window, comfy chair, it’s really wonderful.

Patrick went out for the first time today, to Costco. He took a bandana. He also went to pay our rent. I bet we’re looking pretty good to our landlords now! Seriously, I’m so happy to still have a job I can do from home and get paid. Some people are not so lucky, or they are having to take jobs that are risky in ways that wouldn’t have been expected to be a month ago.

One delightful thing is that I ordered a surprise box of books from the local bookstore. It was so much fun to get some books that I am excited to read.

My book haul.

I’ve read The Art of Fielding before, and it was really good, so I’m hopeful. I might read it again, but currently working on The Assistants, and it’s engrossing. I have virtual book club tomorrow night. Anyone read any of these? Also, I’m considering Station Eleven. I have it on my Kindle (Patrick read it), but I’m not sure if a book about a worldwide apocalyptic pandemic is what I want to be reading.

We should have gone to get more wood yesterday.

I’ve been feeling a day behind. It’s like, oh, we’ll have time for that, no need to figure it out today…and then, bam! It’s closed and you should have figured it out three days ago.

Also, I’m worried about social judgment, but then I think that’s kind of silly in an era of decidedly being anti-social. And then all the calls to be community minded and socially compliant. Like, if we delay shopping to once a week, it looks like the one person who goes to the store is hoarding, but we’re not, because the kids eat a ridiculous amount of food. Harlan is in a growth spurt, and I think maybe Porter is too. The only one who’s not eating more is Gilbert.

We’ve been cooking a lot. Every day, three times a day. Pasta bake, butternut squash gratin, chili, soup, spaghetti squash latkes, more and more and more. I’m thinking Jamaican patties for dinner soon…



  1. Make a little sign for your cart that says”4 growing biys at home!”. But I know what you mean. I have been going once a week and even though I used to buy 2 or 3 of something this time I got only one. Then when I made my chili it wasn’t very good because I didn’t get what I normally do. It needed more tomatoes and more beans.

  2. My brother with his five kids was saying the same thing about going grocery shopping: “We’re not hoarding! We have five kids and haven’t been out in two weeks!” I only have three, but they’re all teenage boys…Plus, they’re eating more because they’re home all day. At least when school was in session, they had one meal in the school cafeteria.

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