What We’ve Learned So Far

I’ll do a Harlan birthday blog soon, but he’s so happy to be four, it’s adorable.

In the last few days, as we’ve attempted to adjust to our situation, we’ve had to learn a few things.

  • I learned how to use Zoom to hold virtual meetings, and to record myself so I can upload video lectures for my students. That will be very helpful going forward.
  • Seamus is relearning how to play tennis, because, for now, we are letting him go to the courts and play with a friend, as long as they don’t get too close, we figure that is okay.
  • Harlan has learned to get himself completely dressed and undressed, so no one has to do that for him. Yay!
  • Porter has learned how to start putting different Legos together.
  • Gilbert has worked on some new baseball skills. He’s really hoping to play this year, but it’s looking like maybe not.

I’m still trying to figure it all out. We have lots of food, but also, I’m not sure how to do my 40hr a week job in a 1000 sf house with 5 other people, four of whom are loud. I can go to my office, and there’s nobody there, which I may continue to do for a bit. A little worried about picking up/leaving germs in the public spaces of my office, but there are very few of those if I bring my own water and don’t go to the bathroom.

How are you handling things?


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