Continuing to Catch Up from January

January went really fast for us. I saw a lot of tweets about how January seemed like a million years for other people, but for our family, it passed in the blink of an eye. My classes started, and they are terrific! I had fun teaching last semester, but it’s like a magical treat this semester. The classes are all theory-focused, with strong, interested students, and I’m having a great time in class.

On Friday, January 24, we headed up to Seven Springs Resort with Patrick’s cousin and their kids. I left at 4:00 and didn’t arrive until 9:30 for a drive that should have been about 3 hours. It was something. At one point, Google maps had me leave the (beautiful, calm) freeway for a scary, curvy, foggy, soon to be icy road. I was about to weep, but Porter and Harlan were little champs, cheering me on and being quiet when I asked them to. They went to sleep eventually, and I carried them into the condo. Jeannie arrived an hour after I did, and we had a nice evening chatting and decompressing from the drive.

On Saturday, we were kind of waiting for the others to arrive, but we also wanted to get out and do something. It was raining/snowing on and off, so we decided to take the kids to the hotel pool. That was a good choice, kind of wearing them out, but mostly making them feel good about themselves. Patrick and the older boys arrived with hot dogs and french fries to cook for dinner. We were reunited and ready to plan for the next day.

Skiing boys.

It ended up being a pretty good ski day on Sunday. Patrick and I started out with Porter and Harlan. Porter was insistent that he could do it himself, and he could! It was a pleasure to watch. We decided to take the big lift up, but it was slow going with Porter doing it himself. We decided to see if we could ski in to our condo, but it was much further and what we thought. Oops. I ended up leaving Patrick with the younger ones, and skiing back down to get lunch for Seamus and Gilbert. We always pack a picnic for skiing, buy some hot chocolate, but plan to bring a ton of snacks. This keeps our costs down and ensures that we have enough food. I skied with Jeannie, and the kids for the rest of the day. They boys loved the terrain park and kept going there over and over, even though she and I were trying to steer them to other parts of the mountain! I liked Seven Springs, even though the bottom trail ices out kind of badly. Patrick ended up bringing Porter and Harlan out for a last run. We used walkie-talkies on the mountain, and while they were funny sometimes, they ended up being a real life-saver for when our phones didn’t work well. Seamus got a run of night skiing in, we returned Harlan’s rental, and Porter showed us what he could do.

We had a blast that evening playing Telestrations with the kids, and then when the kids went to bed, we played Love Letters (a game of castle intrigue) with the adults and hatched a plan to go to Utah or Idaho with the whole family next year.

On Monday, I headed out early, so as to get Porter to school for a half day, drop Harlan at preschool, and prepare for my night class. It worked out perfectly, and the babysitter meant that Patrick, Seamus, and Gilbert could take advantage of the low crowds and perfect weather on Monday to get in a full day of skiing. The boys came home tired, but oh-so-happy. That was my birthday weekend, which then kicked off a full week of festivities and celebration.


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