Weekend in Pittsburg

We decided to spend the long weekend in Pittsburg, where I’ve only been once a long time ago, and Patrick’s never been. Several friends had visited in the last few years, and all recommended it as a great family destination. So far, we’re having fun.

Our first night was not auspicious, but we persevered. We ate at Jimmy Joy’s Log Cabin in Haycock, Maryland. It was pretty much Trump country, and we were dismayed to see that it was beginning to snow, right as we needed to choose between going over the mountains to the north or going over the mountains to the south. We felt perhaps the signs were pointing us back home. Then we got to our hotel. And they said the pool is closed for our whole visit. That didn’t work for us, so we asked to be relocated. That was really hard for me to do, but there are advantages to being a Marriott rewards member, one of which is that they actually help you. We got relocated to the Courtyard at the Waterfront, which is a weird but cute little area about 15-20 minutes from downtown. And, when I expressed dismay that the Springhill (where we were supposed to stay) had a pull out sofa, the amazing front desk clerk put us in the room with a pull out sofa, which I have never been able to figure out how to request before! Anyway, boring, but ultimately, worked out really well for us, even if we don’t get breakfast.

The next morning, we looked out the window of our room over the Monongahela River (you bet I looked that up), and there was a majestic bald eagle camped out in the tree right outside our room.

Pittsburg is all about Heinz, diners, bridges, sports, stairs, and Mr. Rodgers. We started with Pamela’s a diner that Michelle Obama loves. The wonderful server took one look at me and said, “Coffee” and I thought, she’s a genius.

Famous pancakes. Don’t worry, he didn’t eat them all.

Gilbert declared that he thought Pamela’s was so good, he’d be ready to live in Pittsburg just to eat there every day. Then we made a trip to the Carnegie Science Museum. It wasn’t open yet, so we made a quick, icy, detour to the Mr. Rogers memorial statue. Mr. Rogers is having a cultural moment right now, and Pittsburg really highlights that. Everywhere we’ve been or plan to go has an exhibit about him.

Mr. Rogers and Gilbert

I’m sure I’ve talked about our strategy of joining a science museum in Nashville, and then getting into so many of them all over the country. This was an amazing museum. We enjoyed the water exhibit, the Planetarium show about Mr. Rogers, the Lego exhibit, the robot exhibit, and a very cool electricity demonstration. We saw the largest Tesla coil ever build go off. It was impressive. I don’t have a picture or video, because I was watching it. I’ll never forget it, that’s for sure! We also were able to see several trains, the incline, and tugboats going through all the windows at the center.

Porter liked building.

We went to eat lunch afterward, even though we hadn’t seen the whole museum, which you know killed me to give it up. Lunch was great at the Southern Tier Brewing Company–we saw Heinz field and a statue of Honus Wagner, who Seamus cites in his speech. It was a day full of serendipitous fun.

Back at the hotel, around 3, we went for a long swim, to justify our need to switch hotels. I went to Costco to buy breakfast food, since Courtyards have minifridges, but not breakfast. Then, we watched Matilda and went to bed.

What will tomorrow bring? Stay tuned!


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