Visit to Kentucky for Birthday Party

Last weekend, Harlan and I packed up and went to Kentucky to celebrate GiGi’s birthday. It was a great time catching up with family and friends. We left late Wednesday night, and Harlan was a champ on the airplane. The next day, we had dentist appointments, which we were really grateful for. Friday, we visited with friends who have two girls, one Harlan’s age, and one a couple of years younger. He and the older girl were so cute together. She didn’t want him to leave, and he didn’t want to. I had a delightful time talking with my friend and realizing how good friends just don’t change their feelings about each other over 20 years.

Earlier in the day, Harlan and I had gotten a load of wood with my dad.

Lots of wood.

Harlan wasn’t super helpful, but he had a good time protecting us from bears and wolves. Dad cut up a tree, and Harlan could handle the little stuff, and he enjoyed himself, but he was happier sitting on top of the truck. And he was a lot happier driving the truck home from the “Deep Dark Woods.” It wasn’t quite driving the tractor, but he was still pretty happy about it.

Friday was Granny’s birthday. Three generations!

Saturday was the day for the big festivities. GiGi’s children came from far and wide to bring food, treats, and good cheer for her big day. My cousin and her husband brought their new little golden doodle, who was the most adorable little fluffball ever! The Lewis Home had a nice room for us to use and the UK game on, so everyone was cheerful and festive. My brother came to celebrate too, and Harlan enjoyed seeing him. We headed out to Bret’s house after the party to see all the improvements he’s made. His brickwork was great and it was fun to hear about his planned improvements for a chicken house/garden shed. At some point, everything rolls back around.

I went to visit some friends without Harlan on Saturday night so we could try a new board game. We tried out Pandemic, which is a cool cooperative game, but it’s really hard! There are lots of ways for the game to beat you (i.e. kill you).

Sunday brought a fun visit with my brother, and then Harlan and I headed to Nashville to go ice-skating with friends. But, the ice skating was so crowded, we bagged it and went to a park. Good call. My friends have a sweet, smart boy Porter’s age, who was solicitous toward Harlan and made him feel like a big kid. They also have a cute beagle/basset hound mix name Mavis. Mavis is very social. Mavis did not like it when I turned my attention to Maya (the new kitten). Mavis went and sat on Maya while I was petting her. I could not stop laughing. I’m still laughing. After the park, we went to Five Points West pizza in Nashville. Highly recommend. The food was amazing (the beer even better) and the server was so nice that our experience was that much better. The friend from Friday came to join us, and it was a reunion for the three of us. We had so much fun that we’re planning a reunion weekend in Asheville.

I headed back north, and stopped to visit my grandmother for our last visit, since I was heading out really early the next day. We had a blast together. She got out her wine, cheese and pretzels; I had a beer with her, and Harlan ate some pretzels, had some milk and watched Daniel Tiger (this will be important later). It was a fun evening!

Back at the house, we enjoyed the fire made with Harlan’s wood. He enjoyed playing with Snakey and Charlie. Mom and Dad played about a million games of Hungry Hungry Hippos with Harlan. We had a great visit with my folks–lots of pizza, lasagne, trips down the road to make sure the witch wasn’t in her tree. Neely enjoyed all the hot dogs and bone treats Harlan insisted on giving her. Harlan explained that Elephant and Piggie is quality literature to my dad, but Dad wanted to read Bert and Ernie, so Harlan memorized it really quickly so they could get back to Elephant and Piggie. It was all you’d want in a visit.



  1. I love the 3 generation photo. I got a chuckle out of Harlan protecting you from bears. It reminded me of two stories about your brother, Bret, when he was about that age. Story one: I took Bret to visit my friends. When we pulled up in the yard, Bret looked at the trees near the driveway declaring that we were in the woods and there might be bears. We were smack in the middle of Union City so it was no more than a few trees, but old, big trees. Then my friend’s golden retriever came bouncing out to greet us. Bret said, “I knew there would be bears!” Story two: I visited your parent’s farm and was going to cross a field to collect some wild flowers. I wanted to make sure where the cattle were so asked if there were bulls in the field. Bret said he would go along and protect me from bears and added, “We don’t have to worry about the cows”.

  2. I’m just catching up on your blog. I loved our visit, and it was SO good catching up with you AND Lindsey. What a day! Thank you so much for coordinating. I cannot wait to hang in Asheville with the two of you!! Let’s do this! Mavis is still doing anything she can to get all attention off Maya, including sitting on her or swatting her away with her big paw. HA!

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