Home and Christmas Traditions

We were happy to be home, but the end of the semester was super busy. I volunteered in Porter’s art class, and I told him he’d have to help me get to art class. He was so cute, giving me directions at the dinner table, on and on, and then he stopped, cocked his head, and said, “Or would you like to know about the short cut?” So funny!

We made treats for the neighbors and delivered them (this year, pumpkin cheesecake bars). They were okay. I made a lot of mistakes following the recipe, but they ended up tasting pretty good. Delivery of treats went well, with Seamus and Gilbert helping out.

We picked up our last CSA basket of the year. Lots of greens to get us to the New Year!

Patrick and I made a mad rush to Costco to get presents for the kids. We feel pretty ready. Seamus is getting a blanket, Dominion expansion, and some stocking stuffers. Gilbert is getting a bow and arrow, and the boys will share a laser tag game. Porter is getting Legos and dinosaurs. Harlan is getting a school house and some Peppa Pig items. Hopefully Santa made a hit, but one never knows! The younger boys are finding it really hard to wait until Christmas. But they’re hanging in there.

The Santa Fire truck came by on Friday night, and we thought we had missed it this year, but we didn’t! We put the younger kids to bed before we even realized it was going to go by our house. The older boys were watching a movie at a friend’s house, so when I walked to pick them up, I saw the fire truck. At home, Patrick said that Porter had woken up and wanted to see it. About half an hour later, it came by our house for real, and we all went out. I love that tradition. The boys were thrilled, even the older ones who sometimes think they’re too old for all that.

We had dinner with Patrick’s cousins last night for our annual Christmas get together. It was a blast as usual; this year the kids made videos for the adults to enjoy. (Much like when my friends and I used to “make up dances” to entertain the adults). Good times!

This week, we’ll try to hit a few more traditions, including Union Station, swimming at Cub Run rec center, and leaving out cookies for Santa.


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