Long Weekend, October Edition

The older boys, as Nationals fans, have been really excited about the recent turn of events in the Nats’ fortunes. Gilbert, especially, with his playing baseball has been all in. We don’t let them stay up and watch, but they do get to see the highlight reel in the morning. This weekend, Gilbert and Patrick played baseball on Friday while Seamus had soccer. Then Gilbert and Porter went to Gilbert’s game on Saturday, while Harlan and Seamus and I shopped for birthday party presents, did errands, and joined the 4-H club for window painting. As you know, Seamus has been skeptical about 4-H, but he ended up enjoying himself quite a bit.

Fun times.

Harlan did the little pumpkins on the bottom, and Seamus and friend did the middle panels. It was pretty fun. Porter was jealous, and so he did the yellow dots around the bottom. Then we went to get Porter’s friend for a playdate, made banana pudding for dessert at a friends’ and enjoyed the beautiful fall weather.

On Sunday, Seamus had a birthday party to attend; Gilbert had been invited, but we decided that he didn’t really need to spend any more time with Seamus’s friends. We then rode bikes to the park, but Porter announced a undeniable need to go, so we had to figure that out awkwardly, since nothing was open.

Monday, we had an adventure downtown at the International Children’s Festival. We went with another family, with 5 kids, so we looked like quite a group! Kids ages 13, 10, 10, 9, 8, 6, 5, 3, 3, and only the oldest is a girl. Harlan ran into his teacher who was with the El Savadoran embassy, and the boys enjoyed trying different foods, playing with the flags and virtual reality, and getting their passports stamped. They really enjoyed lunch in the food court and then heading out onto the mall to play frisbee with their free frisbees from the Saudi Arabian embassy. Don’t ask me why they were giving out frisbees.

They really were having fun, despite the looks on their faces.

All in all, it was a great day, but Porter and Harlan were awfully tired and dirty, so they were in bed pretty early. Seamus and Gilbert came outside to ask if they could sit up with the fire with us. That was pleasant, and then they went to bed hoping that the Nats’ 4-0 lead would hold up.


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