Not So Busy Weekend

We capped off a week of school, veggies, and pie with an exciting weekend of games, heat, and relaxation. On Friday, Seamus had soccer from 6-7:30 and Gilbert made me play catch with him the whole time. Then we busted a move to get to the high school football game in Arlington to see the marching band play. Seamus and Gilbert found the rituals of high school stadiums interesting, whereas I mused on the idea that not much had changed. The student section was rowdy. The concessions were the same, the stands reeked of marijuana. As an adult, I found the sport of football disturbing.

Saturday we lazed around all morning, working on the garden a bit, riding bikes, playing. Gilbert’s game was 12:30-2:30. It was so hot. We were happy for our canopy that at least created some shade. A bunch of people joined us under it though, which made it sort of hotter. Then Seamus’s game was at 5:15 and the younger kids enjoyed playing woods explorers while it was going on.

Sunday, Patrick’s dad took Porter and Harlan to see Elephant and Piggie, We are in a Play! and I took Seamus and Gilbert to the game store and the library. Everyone was happy. P & H especially enjoyed the play and kept acting it out all afternoon when they got back. Getting everyone up and going on Monday was pretty slow though!

Seamus starts Chorus and Band next week, basketball this week. He’s a joiner. Gilbert just has a 7 hour a week baseball commitment. Porter and Harlan catch where catch can.


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