Lots of Stuff

Hi! We’re still here and kicking. I’ve been feeling weird about blogging because the older boys are getting old enough to control their own narratives of what they want to say about and for themselves, and the younger guys are just so funny that I want to write down everything they say and keep it forever. I’m trying to strike a balance, but it’s hard. Here are some things, in no particular order.

  • Gilbert turned 9! Happy birthday to him. He had a fun time, celebrating with grandparents on three different occasions. He had a tres leches cake, chocolate pudding, and a chocolate cake (and it seems, a pan full of brownies), so he should be sugared up pretty good until his next birthday! He also got to have two friends over to celebrate, and we just really enjoyed the low key evening with his buddies. We lit a fire, and when their folks came to get them, the adults relaxed around the fire catching up from an exhausting first week of school. Did I mention that Gilbert’s birthday coincided with the first day of school?
First day of School.
  • Speaking of the first day of school. Porter started Kindergarten! I was surprisingly emotional about his beginning school, because I thought, oh, we have another one to go. I think part of it is that his teachers are so fabulous I’m excited that he gets to have them. He seems to have adjusted well, especially after being wiped out the first week from all the newness and activity. Now though, he’s in the groove and tells us about the different jobs in the classroom and which ones he’s had and what they entail. He’s very aware of all his classmates, and it’s really cute when he runs into them out and about around town. He loves riding the bus. Seamus was very excited to get the teacher he wanted, and Gilbert seems to be enjoying his classroom procedures and teacher. Harlan is back to two different preschools, but he likes both and checks in each morning to see which one he’s going to. He has friends in both places and enjoys the different routines.
Porter loves soccer class.
  • Goodness, it’s hard for me to get any words out. Being back at work is good, but it’s been really busy, not least of which is due to the fact that the kids weren’t in school yet when I started.
There’s an adorable little dog at our bus stop. Harlan pretends it’s his dog.
  • Seamus is a safety patrol on the bus. He’s excited about that, about playing soccer, and about his class. He said the other day that as long as he has a book in hand, he’s good to go. It’s nice seeing him settled in.
Happy Birthday, Gilbert!
  • Harlan misses his brothers while they’re at school. We’ve been to the zoo twice, and he’s loving the baby animals. The little sea lion is adorable, along with the baby gorilla, and the baby orangutang. He liked the carousel too,\ and wanted to ride on the gorilla. He’s holding on for dear life.
Zoo fun.

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