Welcome Home

I’ll post about Cape Cod soon, and it was a great trip, but too much for my limited time at the moment. When we got back on Saturday, the kids were ecstatic to be home. Porter has barely left the house. I told Harlan his bed would be happy to see him, and he said, “Oh I missed my little bed.” Seamus declared that he wished we were still on vacation, and Gilbert was bouncing all over the place.

On Sunday, we had a relaxing morning of hanging out, and then the kids got excited and asked if we could go for a bike ride, and since we had no plans, we did go for a ride. Then we watched the World Cup final, for a very exciting USA win. Finally, Seamus had a friend over, and his friend’s family invited us to dinner. It was a fantastic day of spontaneity. I do realize that when things are overplanned, it’s harder to be open to the ebb and flow of the day, but when I can relax and let that happen, it’s really fun.

Today, Seamus and Gilbert had day camp with their friends from Germany. The most exciting thing was seeing them, of course, but it was quite exciting to have the flash floods this morning. We got 3.2 inches of rain in less than an hour! Patrick and I took Porter and Harlan on a rain walk when the rain slacked off, and there were a lot of puddles to jump in. We could see very clearly where the water had risen along a little creek, and we were worried for our friends’ basements. It was a mess!


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