Boston–Day One; Splitting the Crew

We drove all day Tuesday (or so it felt, as someone, ahem, Harlan, kept calling a need to go). We did finally get in around 7:45, and the kids got to swim. We had a very bad dinner at Burger King, as Patrick thought he might try an Impossible Burger, but this place didn’t have them. I was content to let my Subway sandwich tide me over until breakfast. Whatever, water under bridge. Long day, but we made it.

On Wednesday, we had a good Marriott breakfast–they had veggie sausages! Awesome. Rain forecast made us think hard about our plan. We decided that our best plan would be to split the boys up and take the older boys to the Museum of Science and the younger ones to Boston’s Children’s Museum. We were nervous about parking in town because we have the top box on the car and when we parked it before with just a roof rack, we broke the windshield on a low clearance. We decided to try for T station parking, and that worked out well, even though we got super lucky getting a spot. We parked at Malden and got on. Since it wasn’t raining when we got to Haymarket station, we decided to try our luck with lunch in the Italian North End. Such a good choice! Delicious.

La Famiglia Giorgio’s

Full and happy, we headed back to the T to split up. Pro tip: We got 7 day T passes because kids are free, and if we take 8 T trips in four days, it will pay for itself. We did three trips in one day. The Children’s Museum was PERFECT for the younger kids, and would have been boring for the older kids. They really enjoyed the Museum of Science, partly because they decided to see an Omni IMAX.

The Children’s Museum had a fascinating house from Kyoto that had been completely moved and put in the museum. They also had a space for the kids to try out tools.

Pretty great rainy day activity.

We’re planning on Freedom Trail on Wednesday (parking at a T station again), getting lunch in a split up. The older guys and Patrick are going to the Red Sox game at 1:05, while Porter and Harlan and I plan to check out the Public Garden, with the Make Way for Ducklings ducks and riding a Swan Boat. We brought the umbrella stroller and Ergo, even though Harlan hasn’t been in it in over a year. Both were solid choices so far.

Tonight we checked in, swam, and made PB&Js in the room! Gourmet!


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