Funny Stories

It’s been a nice couple of weeks. We’ve been outside every chance we can get, and the reprieve from winter has made us enjoy being together as a family significantly.

  1. Porter’s hands are still dry, so we’ve been putting Jojoba oil on them to try to make him more comfortable. The other day he came up to me and wanted to know why we don’t put jojoba oil on rabbits. What? I looked at the bottle, and he was talking about the no animal cruelty sign. So funny, and adorable.
  2. I went in to talk to Seamus’s class today about Loreta Janeta Velazquez, the Cuban woman who became a Confederate solider. It was so nerve-wracking to go in, but they were a great group, interested and engaged.
  3. I went to a 90s music concert on Friday night. It was so fun and nostalgic. The lead singer had a fan attached to her shirt that blew her hair back during her rendition of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On.”
  4. All the kids and I went to see a mini version of Mary Poppins at Marymount last night. I told them all the department kids would be there and they’d need to show up and participate. Seamus said, “Are we department kids? What does that even mean?” And it is funny, but there are now 13 department kids, and we have to trot them out for 4-5 events on campus each year! Kind of fun, because they’ve all grown up together.
  5. Gilbert, Porter, and I went to a play at the Kennedy Center. Parking was sold out, so we parked a bit away and walked. At one point, Porter said, “Hey, there’s cardboard there in the street.” I’d say he was lucky it wasn’t something worse. And then a guy on a hoverboard came by, and they were enthralled! I’ve known it before, but they are definitely suburban kids–not hardened enough to be city, not calloused enough for country.
  6. On a recent early morning band practice trip, I took Harlan with me. The sun was shining in his eyes on the way home, and he said, “Go back to bed sun!”

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