Theatre Season!

As you know, we love going to shows. Over the weekend, Porter, Gilbert, and Seamus saw and adaptation of Huck Finn at Adventure Theatre. They loved it, and said that they even liked the music. Patrick and I went to see BLKS at Woolly Mammoth Theatre. It was fantastic, and we enjoyed Jaleo happy hour before the show. In the winter, live theatre reminds you that people are still out and about enjoying life, even if they’re not at the park and farmer’s market.

In the next few weeks, Patrick and Seamus are going to the Percy Jackson musical, because that was part of Seamus’s Christmas present from us. He loved the books and we offered to take Gilbert too, but he hasn’t read them and said he wasn’t particularly interested. I wonder if he’ll be jealous though, when he discovers how much fun they have. Then I’m taking Porter to Anatole at Imagination Stage, and Gilbert to Davy Copperfield, which is playing in repertory there. We got two tickets to each play this year at Imagination Stage so we’d have some flexibility in who goes. It seems to be a good choice so far because the plays interest each kid differently. Harlan, as you may have noticed is the missing link! He still has trouble sitting still for a show, but he will get to go to a short production geared for his age at the Kennedy Center. He’s seeing Colors, with me and Porter. It appears to be based on the Dr. Seuss book, My Many Colored Days. That book has been a big hit in our house for talking about all the different feelings one has, and how those feelings are okay.

Seamus and Gilbert and probably Patrick are seeing The Watsons Go to Birmingham. You may remember that we went to Birmingham a couple of years ago, and the kids listened to the book to prepare for our trip. It was such a good way for them to prepare that I’ve been looking for good books on tape about Georgia for our trip to Savannah in April. I’ve already picked out Johnny Tremain for the summer trip to Boston. It’s about a boy who apprentices in a pewter shop before the Revolutionary War. I like to pick books a bit harder than they would read on their own, but that have really good stories.

I think that’s about it! It’s a lot, but the shows are so thought-provoking and worth the effort!


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