Groundhog Day

Yesterday, as you know, was Groundhog Day, so we celebrated! Porter, unfortunately, got hit by the sore throat/fever that had already taken down Harlan and Seamus, but he’s so sweet, it was hard to watch. He laid on the floor, then retired to his bed and slept for a long time. Meanwhile, Gilbert had a basketball game, and he had fun, but got really smelly, so we told them it was time for haircuts. They could go to the barber for a trim and shape up, or Patrick would clipper cut their hair. They opted for the clipper cut!

I don’t know why he’s making that face.

Now you can see their eyes. Harlan and Porter wanted to go to the barber, so I took them after Seamus’s game, and they’re both cleaned up nicely.

Porter could not stop smiling all through his cut!

For an evening activity, we had nothing planned. This is pretty rare, so we enjoyed thinking about what to do, eventually deciding on popcorn, veggies and dip, tomato toasts, and apple slices for dinner. We watched some home movies, and then Patrick and I decided to show them Groundhog Day with Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell. After some initial resistance, they realized that the movie is really funny. They especially loved the scene where he drives the car on the railroad tracks and then orders burgers from the cop that stops him. There were other things that weren’t so great, but overall, I think it was pretty good family fun.

Harlan woke up with a stomachache at 4:30 so I took him to the bathroom. I’m so glad that he’s at an age where he can say, “My belly hurts!” and we can fix it instead of being absolutely befuddled by what he needs. Now if he’d only get over this little virus!

All in all we’re having a good weekend. Looking forward to some balmier weather and then, maybe more snow. Porter, before he felt tired/sick, wanted to go out and play in the snow again. He’s so rarely interested in going outside in the cold that we always go ahead and bundle him up. Two days ago, Gilbert and Porter were sledding together in the back when Harlan came inside to tell us that Porter had gone on the bike trail when a bike came! Well. I went flying out. But Gilbert and Porter were having a fine time, and no bike wrecks in sight! Whew. It’s nice to see them playing together.

Porter loves his doll’s Star Wars outfit.

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