The Coldest Day

Here we are. Just cold. It was 7 degrees when we woke up. It’s up to a balmy 10 now. The kids have yet another delay to their school. On Tuesday, we got snow that would quickly turn to ice, and the school declared a late-call early release. That was fine, but Porter was off to school anyway. They ended up having friends over on the early release, which was a treat for them. It was fun to watch them play games and then try to play basketball outside in the snow! Yesterday was a delayed opening, but since Wednesdays are usually early release, they went long. I ended up keeping Harlan home again, since he had a bad belly on Tuesday and seemed out of sorts yesterday. I really need him to go today, and if he got sent home yesterday, he wouldn’t be able to go today…the childcare calculation I’d forgotten!

A package got mis-delivered to our house yesterday, and we were going to take it down to the house it belonged to, but it was so cold, and the package was heavy. Patrick suggested looking for a phone number on the box. I called and they came and got it. Wow. This is boring.

Harlan is feeling better this morning, but there were multiple wake ups in the night, for about the fourth night in a row, and I just can’t wait for it to be spring. Like clockwork, I hold it together through January but find myself worn down as it ends.

I read a really good book (The Great Believers by Rebecca Makkai), and that helped but it was intense, so it’s hard to gear up for starting a new one. Work that isn’t sabbatical related seems to be seeping in, and I need to put up the walls there so I can finish strong! Patrick has a week off in February, but it won’t be much of a week off! He’ll be full time with the kids while I’m doing research in Texas. I think he’s looking forward to hanging out with them though.



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