A Perfect Snow Day

Late Saturday afternoon, after our basketball games were over, it started snowing. Lightly at first and then heavier, enough to cover the cars with a dusting. We had friends over for dinner and we asked them to bring snow gear, in case we could get in some walking or playing after dinner. Sure enough, we were able to enjoy some sledding in the back from 7:30-9. The kids and adults sledded and the adults enjoyed snow white Russians.

When we woke up Sunday, there was about four inches of snow on the ground. The boys could not wait to go sledding. We did some in the back and then took off for the big sledding hill at Cherry Hill Park.

Patrick tows the younger two.

Porter and Harlan had a blast riding in their “boat” to the park. This was before they plowed the bike path, so it was really smooth sailing. We saw some friends at the park and the kids enjoyed themselves, but we wanted to head home to sled with neighbors in our back yard. It was a party. At one point there were five families hanging out. It was all walking distance, because the roads were terrible and the cars kept getting covered. We were getting so much more snow than the forecast called for.

Our little sledding hill. Perfect for us.

We made cookies and hot chocolate and everyone played, talked, sledded, and threw snowballs. We all headed home at lunch time, but Seamus and Gilbert wanted to play more. So we ended up having round two outside. Porter got really brave and started sledding like crazy. He could not stop smiling. Down and up, down and up. Harlan liked being outside, but he wanted to dig with his shovel and his mittens were too awkward for him. He decided to push the sleds down the hill without anyone in them. He did go a few times with me, but he’s not quite ready for it yet.

Yay Porter!

We had three rounds of hot chocolate. They played some more. Finally, exhausted, we had dinner and the kids bathed and watched movies. We were thrilled when Patrick found out he’d be off school the next day. We woke up today (Monday) and there was more snow! It hadn’t quit until midnight. 30 hours of continuous snowfall! I measured the back yard at 10 inches.

We had a lazy breakfast and the boys were back out on their sleds this morning with neighbors. Then a playdate at the other neighbors’ before lunch. Naps for little guys, quiet reading time for S & G and then back out to play. They are learning the pain of having to choose who to play with, because everyone wants to be out playing yesterday and today. That’s partly what has them so tired, too.

All in all, it’s been the best snow days we’ve had in forever. I think a huge part of it is that there’s only one kid that really needs help now, and even he needs less than the others did when they were his age. I’ve resigned myself to the wet piles of boots and mittens. But, also, Mother Nature did us right, and this was just perfect snow: fluffy, not too wet, enough to sled on, beautiful. I’m going to try to hold on to this feeling of snow days in the future.


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