The Last Little Bit of Break

The kids came down from the holidays hard, but we eased in with a little bit of fun. We spent a nice weekend down at the lake, even though the ice rink is permanently closed, and that’s what Seamus and I had really been looking forward to doing. Instead, we poked around some parks and saw a big food swap run by “Food not Bombs.” It looked pretty cool–a wide variety of people in attendance, for sure.

The last day of 2018 was filled with rain, so it made a fitting end to this rainiest year on record. Seamus and Gilbert both had a play date to help them pass the time. On the first, I went to yoga, then Patrick went for a bike ride. I took all the kids to an indoor pool at one of the Fairfax county REC centers. The boys met up with some friends, and I swam with Porter and Harlan. It was a fabulous way to pass the time! Porter learned to jump in all by himself, and while he went under once, he was still brave and tried again. Harlan also jumped in by himself a few times, since Porter showed him how. We did the lazy river and the spinning pool before we got all tuckered out. A sitter came in the afternoon so Patrick and I could go for a walk and she took the boys the the park. It was a great way to start the new year. I made Chickpea curry for dinner, and the kids were tempted to taste the sauce with the admonition that the neighbor kids all liked it. I don’t really know if I count that as a win. But they did try it, so that’s something.

We did our resolutions as a family, and worked on menu planning for the week. I’ve been reading Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat the new cookbook by Samin Nosrat, which also has a show on Netflix. It’s pretty good, but it meant I went to three grocery stores to find Kosher salt this morning, and I still didn’t find the kind she recommends. Cooking interests me, and now that the CSA is done until April, I can experiment with some other elements of cooking rather than just trying to use everything in the fridge. One of my resolutions is to cook a new recipe each week.


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