Christmas Delights

I think the best thing this year is that everybody has gotten some of what they wanted. I felt cozy with neighbors and friends, and even went to an Eve of Christmas Eve party that was a blast–walkable, friendly, and warm. Patrick got a few bike rides in. I got to get in some workouts, and the kids have gotten family time, alone time, good food, a fire, and a few things they wanted. We watched Christmas movies (Home Alone, When Santa Fell to Earth, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Prancer, Paw Patrol Saves Christmas, and Elf). The library’s Christmas section is always a little picked over, but we seem to be the only ones who love When Santa Fell to Earth.

Santa came, and the boys were super excited. We had a fun time with Patrick’s folks in town, and then my parents arrived to eat, drink, and be merry. We’ve stolen all the neighbors’ cardboard for burning. Because it’s the first trash pick up after Christmas, there was a lot of cardboard!

Santa came!

Santa doesn’t wrap presents here. It made waking up a little dicey, but everyone got sorted out in the end. Whew. A good day. Expectations seemed more manageable this year.

Today, we swam at the hotel, at lunch, Patrick and I went out for a quick breakfast while the kids ate at the hotel, and then the kids had a long, impromptu afternoon play date with the neighbors. Now time for pizza and another viewing of Home Alone!


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