December Activities

We are ready! We got the tree up, have been playing festive music, and watched Home Alone. This year, Porter got to watch, and instead of watching the movie, I just watched him. Pure hilarious joy to see a child with his interest in the dramatic and absurd view that movie for the first time!

The boys did most of the tree decorating themselves. They really like “their” ornaments and search for the perfect place to put them on the tree. Our tree is looking a bit old this year, as some of the lights have given up. Luckily, I had a few light strings that can go around it with no problem.

Harlan and Porter play together a lot. They have a game “Garbage Truck” which involves the step stool and all the little chairs. Then they play preschool where Harlan pretends to change Porter’s diaper. He says, “Bottoms up. Ok, now you’re all set” which must be something they say at his school. He’s one of the ones who uses the bathroom consistently, so the room always smells a little. I don’t even notice anymore. And because I was blogging this, I remembered to set our trash out. It’s been coming really early lately! Whew! They just came. Harlan has also been very sensitive to noise lately. He admonishes me if I raise my voice, and yesterday, a truck came by and he turned to yell at it, “TRUCK! That is TOO LOUD in MY EARS!”

We didn’t do Scottish Walk this year, as it was raining, but we did go to a party that day, as we always do. We stopped at Gravelly Point on the way home, and the area was socked in by fog. I thought for a bit that the noise was fireworks, but I realized it was the echoes of the airplanes taking off and landing. Eerie!

I’ve done most of my shopping for the kids. My cards have a typo, so I guess I’m going to just cover it–annoying, but necessary. Now we get to enjoy a few theatre outings, holiday parties, and time with family. I am so looking forward to the break. Lately, I feel like I’ve been working really hard at home with little to show for it (kids who won’t eat, etc), and really hard at writing, with little to show for it, and then I haven’t been working hard at other stuff, like exercise and I definitely have something to show for that…I’ll be glad to let some of the stuff rest for a bit, so I can do more of the other.


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