I’m revising today, and I’m grateful for good editors who make the task a bit easier, but man. Revising is a lot more work than writing, it seems some days. The last few days have been very unproductive, because the older boys were off school, it rained non stop, but I guess we did get some things accomplished. I had parent-teacher conferences for three of the four kids. It was fine, everyone is doing well in school. Harlan is “patient, kind, and gentle” and that’s funny to me because at home, he’s certainly showing those characteristics, but more often he’s exuberant, talkative, and mischievous.

I’ve played a lot of Dominion with the older boys, since the rain made it less attractive for them to run around outside. They had plenty of playdates, which they enjoyed and I was glad to be able to reciprocate, or in the case of my friend who took S&G while H napped and P was in preschool, it was a dream! Seriously, the community center gym was closed so people could vote; didn’t they know we had kids going bonkers in the rainy day off school?

I read Make Your Home Among Strangers, since I’m going to be speaking at a refugee event in a few weeks. I’m trying to learn more about Cuban American literature and its engagement with refugee and exile communities. Interesting stuff, but a bit distracting from the other things I’m working on. Sabbatical is great to put a lot of stuff in your head and let it all percolate for a while, but now, I feel like I should be getting down to more business. In the next few weeks, though, the kids have a lot of days off, and then it’s going to be winter break, so time flies…as you know.

Wow. This was pointless. Sorry. I guess my writing muscles are going into my work at the moment.



  1. When I was writing my thesis ages and ages ago about the low status characters in Shakespeare’s comedies I thought about them so much I started dreaming about them like they were real people. That’s when I knew I was ready to write. Either that, or I was just ready to ditch the crazy dreams.

    1. Haha! I am always so tired after revising. It’s more work, but one of my friends at yoga told me about her thesis on a typewriter, and I had a flashback to your thesis! We both thought about it this week!

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