Halloween Edition

Halloween was HECTIC! Lots of logistics, but we survived and had fun. There were class parties, preschool treats, early dismissals, soccer practice, costumes to make or rewash, argh! But in the end, everyone was happy and halloween-y. We did our usual gathering with the other neighborhood kids before heading out. We didn’t cover nearly as much ground this year, partly because Harlan was walking himself everywhere, and partly because Gilbert’s friend who came with us was wearing an inflatable costume–hilarious! We just did the cul de sac and the block around our house. At 7:15 we were home getting ready for bed, and by 8:15, even the adults were asleep.

It was cute though. Harlan learned to say Happy Halloween, and Porter was a  “Super Spooky Skeleton” who glowed in the dark. We made Seamus’s costume and part of Gilbert’s. All in all, everyone was pleased.

Skeleton, Pineapple, Dog Man, and Pikachu

The Dog Man costume was pretty easy. I googled it and then adapted for our purposes, and Seamus was pleased with the results. Gilbert’s I bought the headband and tail, and then bought yellow top and pants at Target. We colored on the back of the shirt, which you can’t see in this picture, but rendered it just right for him. I always use washable marker for those projects, because then the shirt is just a shirt after Halloween.



  1. I wondered what a pineapple costume (mentioned in an earlier post) would look like. Good job. Glad they had fun

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