All Quiet on the Home Front

We had three first days of school today, after a whirlwind Friday in which we did three Meet-the-Teachers. Porter, Seamus, and Gilbert all made it off in good spirits today. Harlan was sad and a little jealous. He wanted to go too, but he didn’t really want to leave. This afternoon, when we dropped Porter for preschool, Harlan was happy to say goodbye to him, and Porter was fine with us leaving, but when we got home, Harlan did not want to take a nap. His main line of reasoning was that Porter wasn’t home also having a nap. Finally, I got him calmed down and sleeping. Whew.

Ready for action!

The bus was 7 minutes early this morning, which was a problem for the kids who were expecting it to be on time. Seamus and Gilbert were bound and determined to get there 15-17 minutes early, so no problem for us, but Porter cried putting on his shoes this morning, and lo and behold, he has his first blister of the summer. So the crocs don’t work (they’re what gave him a blister), and his sneakers are too small, so he’s off to school with too small flip-flops and a bandaid.

He really is happy to be going in!

Porter also had Spanish this morning, and he was concerned that it wasn’t in the same place he had Spanish last year (that place went out of business in a spectacular flame-out). He was a little clingy, but he pulled through bravely, and was happy to go home and eat some lunch before setting out for his first afternoon preschool. He’s with his friends, so the transition is much easier. Now, I need to tackle a monster to-do list. Dinner, banana bread, read, make notes, deal with some business, and get ready for the kids to come home. Three hours is going to fly by!


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