Another Day in Cape Cod

Well, perhaps I should amend my earlier comments. This year seems to be the year of the water play. We have been to the beach, and we went to another beach yesterday (we’re here early enough we don’t need beach stickers!) and the water wasn’t quite warm, but it was fun to go out a bit into the waves and frolic. Gilbert didn’t like the seaweed, so he didn’t go in very much, but we found two horseshoe crabs washed up on the beach that Aunt Kathy turned over and buried with seaweed. It was very entertaining. I did a few handstands and backbends in the sand, and then ran some sand races with Seamus. I used to let him win, but now I think he actually beats me…

Otherwise, the kids have loved going down to the dock on the property and using the paddleboat and the sit on top kayaks.

Seamus on the SUP.

This is from a few days ago when we rented the Stand Up Paddle boards. They were super fun until the wind kicked up and the waves started disrupting the calm surface of the pond.

Sitting or kneeling is also a good option, according to Gilbert.

Porter’s imagination knows no bounds. He rides all around on the paddle boat with a noodle, talking about fishing, and when he gets out, he does the same thing.


We went to a Cape Cod League baseball game last night. We did leave early with Porter and Harlan, but overall, it was a much more pleasant experience than last year when Harlan would not sit still in the stands. He was pretty pleased with the beach ball the waitress gave him at the restaurant the night before!

Beach ball!

And this morning, we went back to the playground where Porter plays that he’s the school bus driver. Then we took a walk to check out our favorite summer art display, the sharks on the library lawn. Each boy picked his favorite, and got to have his picture made in front of it.

Harlan’s Favorite.

The weather report keeps telling us it’s going to rain or be cold, but that is happily an incorrect forecast!


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