CSA Cooking with Greens

We have gotten the CSA once so far, and it’s great! I’m sure I’ll lose some enthusiasm for greens soon, but right now, they taste delicious! In our first box, we got radishes, turnips, bok choi, lettuce, spinach, arugula, two hot house tomatoes, rhubarb, as I mentioned. I made strawberry-rhubarb crisp (Barefoot Contessa recipe), which was delicious. But I couldn’t resist making rhubarb poundcake too (NYTimes recipe). Of course, I also used the veggies. Seamus and Gilbert enjoyed munching on the butter lettuce–but really, who wouldn’t!?

Rhubarb poundcake.

I made a risotto with the spinach and some leftover roasted cauliflower. We’ve had a lot of radishes on out salads, and Crispy Kale was a hit with Harlan and Gilbert. It’s weird; I never know which kid will eat what. Porter doesn’t like Parm on his noodles, but he loves mac’n’cheese, but only with soy sauce on top. Harlan screams for a bite of everything available. Seamus will usually eat anything, but not crispy kale, I guess.

My crowning achievement was the turnips. Mark Bittman says they are best braised, so that’s what I did. I braised these beautiful turnips in soy sauce and butter, adding the chopped turnip greens and a dash of rice vinegar at the end. I couldn’t quit eating them.


There’s new play equipment at the park and Porter and Harlan are big fans. Porter gets to go play there during preschool, but only on the little equipment, and he longs to play on the bigger spaces, which he gets to do when we’re around.


I also put in my garden for the summer. Since I did that, it’s rained five days straight. I’m hoping for okra this summer.


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