I finally feel like it’s summer time. Grades are in, most of my work is done, I went to yoga, friends came over for a playdate, and I finished an entire novel (for fun) in two days. Win, win, win!

Seamus had a good soccer game over the weekend. His team really needed a win for their morale, and it was Silent Saturday in the league, so parents and spectators were supposed to only clap politely for goals or saves. This really cut down on the number of parents yelling at the kids and/or ref on the sidelines. I enjoyed the game much more this way. I think it was more relaxing for the kids and coaches too, since they could play and hear the coach more easily.

I figured out our Nova Scotia ferry this summer. Turns out, I’d been trying to book a day the ferry doesn’t run, because it was still low season. It’s a huge relief to have figured that out. Our CSA started, and we are loving having fresh veggies around. We do a pretty good job with veggies normally, but it’s really handy to have some that we just know we need to eat. It reduces the angst of trying to decide what to buy each week, and increases the number of leafy greens in our house by a lot.

Harlan is ready to be a big boy. He loves the big boy swing:

Holding on and proud!


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