Finals Week is Here!

Finals week is here, which means I usually try to lay low–the constant stress and high anxiety of campus gets to me. As it is, I worked both Saturday and Sunday this week, and in two weeks, I have to work Saturday and Sunday again. Harlan was in a bad mood just now, but he just heard a siren that sent him delighted to the window. At least we got to have some fun this weekend too, even if it was full of work.

On Saturday morning, we took advantage of the nice weather and went to the farmers’ market, played at the park, and went to the library.

Strawberries and Croissants!

This picture looks idyllic, but there were some touch and go moments that morning. Gilbert and Harlan have both been sick, and for Gilbert, illness seems to manifest in tiredness and extra crankiness.

This week was school spirit day, so I got to gel their hair!

Wings and spikes!

They decided that Seamus looked like a character from the Series of Unfortunate Events. It was a fun morning.

We had friends over on Sunday. It was nice enough for us to eat outside (first time for dinner this year!).



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