Easter Visit to the Shore

We had a fun-filled Easter/Spring break with the kids. I got back from my conference exhausted, but happy to be back with everyone. Within a few short days, we boarded the ferry to New Jersey and had a quick weekend of zoo, basketball, and egg-hunting.

On the pier.

It was COLD and windy. (Can you see from their hair?) We got out anyway because these kids are full of energy. While Porter relaxed with Nana and PopPop, Patrick and I went for a walk with these guys. They actually liked bringing their basketballs to the park and playing for hours. I didn’t take any work with me on the trip, so one naptime I got a nap, and another, I went with Seamus and Gilbert to the park. Both were good resets for my brain. It’s nice to not always be thinking about work…

First day on the piers.

The piers opened on Saturday. It was cold but sunny, so we bundled up and went for some rides. It got a little crowded, but that didn’t deter us. Harlan did not enjoy his ride in the Crazy bus, but he did like riding the boats with Gilbert, and the car with Porter. Seamus and Gilbert got their thrills on Rip Tide and the roller coaster.

Harlan’s Birthday.

We concluded our celebration of Harlan’s birthday. He’s finally big enough to climb on and off the rocking horse by himself. He did it over and over. Seamus and Gilbert played a lot of Dominion and watched some of the Phillies games.

The crowning achievement was Easter egg hunt! Next time, we’ll give the little kids a head start, but it turned out fine. Searching for eggs is always fun.

And they’re off!
Harlan was very pleased with the whole operation.
Porter loved it!


  1. Easter egg hunting with you and your siblings when the youngest was about 3. All the candy eggs went to the two oldest. You all ignored the real eggs and left those for poor baby brother. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth when everyone was forced to share out the spoils more evenly. Last time I hosted egg hunt.

  2. I don’t know where the tradition of egg hunting started, but it is comedy gold. Gordon loves it. I think in total he participated in about six egg hunts for 2018 (eye roll emoji, lol)

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